Friday, January 26, 2007

My pregnancy!

Hi all,
After 2 miscarriages back to back a couple of years ago, I finally received my little miracle! He is really a gift from God. Joshua is 11 months old now and things are going pretty well!

But first, I'll tell you about my pregnancy! Wow. I loved it! Even though I had morning sickness every morning for about 3 1/2 to 4 months, I didn't care. I didn't dare complain.

After 4 months, I started showing. By the 5th and 6th month, yep, I could tell I was pregnant. By the 7th month, I'm starting to wobble a bit. Then for some reason my morning sickness started up again briefly.

Ok, next, my feet! OH my feet were swollen. I could barely walk. I had some friends over at the house to help me get the rooms cleaned where I could get that nursery going. I started having contractions. And that was 1 month before Joshua was due. That night, my husband took me to the ER where they gave me a couple of shots to stop the contractions. I didn't even go back to work. I'd planned to work up until the 1st week in Feb 06, but I didn't. I pretty much just rested. I took advantage of the situation and stayed home and rested!! Except for Sunday. I got up and went to church....I mean wobbled into church. I had to wear the same pants every week to church because they were the only ones that were comfortable. My shoes.....neat black tennis shoes.......I just took the shoe strings out and crammed my feet in them. I think every time the people at church saw me come in they looked a bit nervous. It was just anytime now.

One day, my husband took me out to the malls and I could BARELY walk at all. People looked at me with pity. Then that night we'd been asleep for a few hours when I woke up feeling funny. It was a feeling I'd never felt before. I almost felt nauseated. Then I noticed my stomach was hard as a brick. It felt like all the muscles were wrapped around my baby. I nudged my husband and said....."uh, I'm feeling a little funny. Something is weird here." He said, "uh, do you think I need to get up and get my shower?" I said, "yeah, that'd probably be a good idea." I said, "I'll try to get mine." He said "oh no you're not. I'm not delivering a baby in the shower!" I am doubled over and trying to get dressed. This was about 3am. I managed to get in the van..... We got to the hospital around 4am. Which, I guess it was a good thing it was so early in the morning because that meant much less traffic to deal with. Here we are riding along and finally realized we can use our emergency lights and slow down at the traffic lights and then keep going. Close to the hospital, we realized the patrol was behind us since we kept running traffic lights. He was with us in the hospital parking lot and told my husband he was just making sure it was a true emergency. I think when the patrol saw me doubled over and trying to get to the door, he understood it was....

Yep, the day had finally got here!! In just a few hours I was going to be able to see a little person I'd waited for for a long time. I just had to be patient those couple of years. You know our timing is not God's timing. He knows what, when, where, and how! I went for 4 hours with no epidural. Then I couldn't take it anymore. So about 8:30am they gave it to me. At 4:30pm that same day, I heard my little boy cry! What an amazing feeling! I was able to hold my son after about 1 1/2 hours instead of right away due to a slight complication that I won't go into. He was exactly 8 lbs, had alot of brown hair and pretty brown eyes. He was very long! Next post talks about the first 3 months!!

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