Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Tricks Just in Time for Valentine's Day

The way our house is designed, our living room and dining area are one small step lower than the rest of our house. So, to go in our utility room, kitchen, hall, and the rest of the house, you go up a step. Joshua loves to go up and down that one step! Well, his trick is this. Once he gets up that step and then decides he wants to come back down, he does just what his daddy taught him (and remember Joshua is a year old). He wiggles and gets on his stomach. Then he reaches down with his right arm/hand until his hand touches the floor. When he touches it, he wiggles a little more until his left arm/hand touches the floor. He wiggles down the step. That way he controls it and doesn't slip and hurt himself!!

Also, when he goes up the one short step that goes into the hallway, he'll look back at me and sit there. Then when I do like I'm moving toward him (playing with him), he turns around and TAKES OFF down the hall! He sure can move!

The other evening his "papa" was at the house. He left the living room where Joshua was to go to the bathroom. Joshua took off from the living room, went up the step to the hall and went to the bathroom and banged on the door!! Of course, when "papa" came out, up in his arms Joshua went!

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