Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Could It Be?

When I get up in the mornings, the first thing I do is thank God for the day and I ask Him to help me get through it! Cause God knows that I can NOT get through the day by myself. I just flat won't make it.

And He DOES help me get through it.

Sometimes something happens during the day to put me behind schedule, and at the time I get frustrated. For example, I get in my car to go to work, go down the road, and then realize I've forgotten something and have to go back home to get it. Or I get behind a slow-poke on the road. Agh! My car won't start up, someone holds me here at work just a little longer than I'd planned.

Things like that.

There's been times that something like that has happened, and then I finally get down the road further only to see where there had been an accident about 5-10 minutes before and patrols are trying to work the incident. That could've been me.

I wonder when Joshua wakes up if it's a prayer that I'm hearing from him while he's still in his crib. I hear the words MaMaMaMa, DaDaDaDa, MawMaw, BaPa, Bible, and some other words that I haven't decipered yet. He seems to go down the list of family members. When I watch him on the monitor, I see him sitting in there and talking like he's having a conversation. He's content. Happy. Ready for his day.

It's very POSSIBLE!

Then I walk in there to grab him up and steal some kisses. He's ready for "Bilk."

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