Monday, August 13, 2007

He Takes My Hand!

Just about a week or two ago, Joshua started this new thing: he'd go to the step that takes us from the living room up to the hallway. He'll go stand on it and once he's up there, he'll hold his hand out for me to take. Once I take it, he either looks up at me, smiles really big and steps down. Or he takes my hand and watches me come up the step and once I'm up, we walk down the hall hand in hand.

We all know good and well that he can go up and down that particular step by himself, but when he holds out his hand for me, it just melts this 35 yr old mom's heart. I take time out of whatever I'm doing at the time and take his little hand.

What I've noticed alot of times is if someone else sees him hold out his hand and they go over to take it, he runs the other way. It seems like he wants only me to come over and walk with him.

He did this before I went to work this morning, only making it harder for me to come into work. You all know my story about wanting to stay-at-home anyway.

As I was driving into work, I started thinking about that......him taking my hand.

I'm sure God's heart just melts when we ask Him to take our hand and help us get up and down OUR "steps." Or when we just ask Him to take our hand and just walk with us.....

Just to be walking.........

I wouldn't trade holding hands with my son for anything. I know he won't do that ALWAYS, so I take his hands while I have the chance now.

I went into the kitchen to grab my lunch and he found me. He put his little arms up and I held him. He had the hiccups! So of course, I did like I had the hiccups too. Then he growled and I growled. We did that over and over. So we both had a good giggle before I left him with his daddy (who is off work today).

I didn't get the kiss I got the other day, but I know it'll fall in there again somewhere. When I was holding him the other day, he took my face in both his hands and gave me a big ol' kiss the way only Joshua can!! I thought it was the BEST in the world!

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Joanna said...

I think I read on another blog that you're going to find out what the new baby is - don't leave me in suspense!!!
We haven't gone to Red Lobster yet but I'll think of you when we eat those cheddar biscuits. :)