Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Remember When.....

It is so amazing watching my little boy grow. Of course, it's emotional, but it's wonderful! I often remind my husband of the way it was when we first brought Joshua home....his little arms just a'goin. They couldn't grasp anything. Now he can throw a ball.

I remember when he just lay there and I'd change his diaper. Now he wants "down-down."

I remember when he didn't even know he "pooping", but he now stops, poops, then when we ask him what he did, he tells us "Boop."

I remember when all he did was drink 40 oz of milk in a day. Now he's feeding himself and drinking from his "big boy" cup. He eats almost anything. Except for the other day when we had asparagus. He tried it. But he let us know really quick he didn't want anymore. He's such a great eater that it doesn't worry me when all of a sudden he doesn't want something. He gets his meat, calcium, fiber, fruits, etc! One way or another! He doesn't eat hotdogs or alot of sweet stuff.....just because.

I remember when he had his days and nights mixed up. Now he sleeps all night long unless he's got an upset stomach or has had a nightmare.

I remember when I held him and slowly swayed back and forth and let him hear a hairdryer where he'd go to sleep. Then a few months later, I remember going to the nursery, reading, and rocking him to sleep.

A couple of months ago we had issues where we'd take him in his nursery and sit down, but he wanted "down-down" and it was difficult to hold him. He took off down the hall to go play again. We finally found a remedy. After I bathe him, brush his teeth, and dress him for bed, we just leave him on our bed for him to play. 95% of the time, he'll play, then start rolling, then fall right asleep. My husband puts him in his crib where he sleeps the rest of the night with ease. In the mornings, Joshua is perfectly content when he wakes up in his crib.

I remember when he was first learning to crawl, then when he was taking a few steps. I remember my husband showing me how Joshua could walk from the couch to him. Then Joshua started easing his way from the couch, to the furniture, to the dining room, to the hallway.

I remember when he couldn't walk up and down our step that leads from the dining room to the kitchen and the step from the living room to the hallway. When he got up the step, he would get on his stomach and work his way back down. Now he walks up and down with ease!

I remember when we had to lay him in a baby tub or the changing table to give him a sponge bath. Now he sits up like a big boy in his tub (that sits in the adult tub).

I remember when he would be in the bassinet at night (when he first came home) and I heard his little grunt sounds. And when he was waking up wanting food, he started kicking. Now I hear him from his crib alot of mornings saying "mama, dada, bilk-bilk."

I remember when he just wore socks when we went somewhere. Now he's in a size 6 1/2 - 7 shoe!

I remember when he was in his little carseat and we put it in the grocery cart. Now he either sits in the front (with a cart cover or with the grocery cart cleaned off well), or he holds our hand and walks with us!

I remember when he outgrew that little carseat and we had to get him a big boy carseat.

I remember when he was light as a feather, but now he's a VERY SOLID 25 lbs.

I remember the first 3 - 4 months I was home and needed to get a shower. It was daaays 'for I got one! Then I figured out that I could put him in his little bouncy-vibrating chair and pull him toward the bathroom while I got a bath.

Then after a few months I realized that was not going to work anymore. We put him in his little play gym. Now a days, I have to make sure I've had a bath by 7am - 7:30am before he wakes up. Because when he wakes up, we start the day and we don't need my bath to get in the way! He wants to eat! And drink his "bilk!"

I remember when we had a little toy thing that stretched across his car seat. Now we go to the zoo and he names off the animals! "Aff" for giraffe, "ion" for lion, "ti-der" for tiger, "zeze" for zebra, and so on.

I'm so thankful for the time that I do get to be with my little man. I feel like I"ve missed some things with me working full time outside the home, but I take the time that I'm allowed on weekends and in the evenings and spend it with him. I know God will work things out.

But like one of my recent dreams: A nice dirt path has been started. It's not paved yet. So I can't take that road. But it's there and will be paved soon! Looking forward to it!!

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