Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Fast They Grow!

Today was the day!

I looked at my oldest little man (almost 2 1/2 yrs old) as he sat in that big boy seat while he got his hair cut. I was in awe. Although right now, I'm almost in tears.

It was his very first time sitting in that seat by himself. And most people probably won't understand why I make a big deal out of that. But my little man up until the last couple of weeks has been a shy one. He'd drop his head a little if someone got up in his "space." He'd look up slowly with those big brown eyes just to drop them again.

Either my husband or I would hold him in one of those seats and the sweet lady would trim his hair because he'd cry at being left alone in that big ol' seat!

But not today. I walked in there and the lady asked if he'd sit in a booster seat or did I need to hold him. I said, "hmmm. Normally I hold him, but lets just see if he'll sit by himself." AND he did!

He sat there like a big boy and even started talking a little even though others were around. I was talking to him and he was saying "cut. Hair cut." Then she proceeded to press the peddle to elevate him. He looked at me with his eyes wide and said "helicopter!" Meaning he went up just like a helicopter! He loves to watch those things!

They all told him what a big boy and what a good boy he was and he just plain out looked proud. And I WAS proud even though it made me ache a little because its just the next step he takes toward growing up. He talked, didn't cry, was still. Mostly.

And wouldn't you know this would be the day I didn't have my camera handy. ugh.

I'd planned to take him to the pet store just to look after our trip to the mall, but the proud little man zonked out about 2 minutes into our ride. So I changed directions and came on home.

Handsome, handsome. Sweet, sweet.

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