Thursday, October 2, 2008

Have it!

Josh has been saying these words awhile now. If he wants something, he'll say "Have it, this." Or "Have it, helicopter." Or "Have it, train."

It's "Have it." And then he names what he wants. It's so interesting to hear how our little man can put his sentences together and ask for something.

My husband and I wonder, though, how 2 people who never asked for anything when they were Josh's age (meaning my hubby and me), have a child who asks for EVERYTHING he sees in Walmart!

Honestly, my parents told me I never asked for anything when I was little when we went in the stores except for ONE thing one time. It was a foot tall (maybe more) plastic duck that quacked when you squeeze it! I think the only thing my husband asked for in stores when he was little was a toy gun.

But not our sweet little man. We went shopping for Christmas the other day when my husband was off work. Here's the conversation:

Me: Now, Joshua we are not going to buy anything today, but we want to know what you like. Christmas is coming and you'll be getting some things. So remember, we're just looking.

Hubby: That's right. We're just trying to find out what you like.

Joshua (looking all around): Have it, helicopter!!

Me: Ok, but we're not buying it today. We're just looking.

Joshua (looking all around): Have it, train!

THEN we get over to the section with THOMAS the train. Oh.My.Word.


We explain alot of things to Joshua even with him 2 1/2 yrs old. He understands alot. BUT going into Walmart and going through the toys AND saying we're just want to see what he likes and promising to come back later to get it doesn't work.

I think he wanted every toy in the toy section.

Now we do cut it real short when we're around girl toys. He looks at them and points, but I explain that those toys are for girls. They are not for boys. And he is a boy!

200% boy! And we love him so much.

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