Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading at Bedtime

As I stated in my last post, I bought him books for his birthday. One is a VeggieTales book about Bob (the tomato) and Larry (the cucumber) not being able to find the ducky that they play with during bath time. The other one is a toddler Bible. It's the stories in the Bible that are in child language with good pictures. Easy to understand. I've noticed that he is a little more interested in the books now. I realize that many people start reading to their babies earlier. Well, in some cases, it's easier said than done. Several months ago, at bedtime, I'd try to read, but he was just mostly interested in handling the books himself which made it hard for me to read to him. Well, now, he will handle the books a little bit, but he'll lean back and listen to me read. By the second page, Joshua turns around and looks at me and grins like this book is really exciting!

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