Friday, February 23, 2007

Headbanger on my hands!

I've noticed for about a month now that in the middle of the night (somewhere between 12am and 6am), Joshua will start moaning/crying and then bang his head on the crib all while not opening his eyes. I watch him on the monitor and he will keep his eyes closed and either bang his head on the mattress or into the rails. Thank goodness I didn't take the bumperguards down. They say it's a soother in between stages of sleep. Mostly he'll go back to sleep within about 3 - 5 minutes. I have had a couple of episodes where he didn't go back to sleep for a while and I just went in there to him. I'm not really into letting him cry it out. I will for about 5 minutes, but anything over that, I'll go check on him because you never know for sure until you do. He might have an arm or leg that went under the bumperguard and thru the rails. He might have pooped and might have had a hard time with it. Anyway, we asked the pediatrician about the headbanging. He said he (the dr) banged his head until he was 8 years old!! Oh man.....I hope it doesn't last THAT long!

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