Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's taken a few days, but I'm almost back to normal.......normal? hmmm. Was I EVER normal? I don't know. BUT I'm taking my medicine to knock out this stupid strep throat and I've actually noticed quite an improvement! My throat isn't quite as sore and fever no more! The only thing that's tricky about this medicine is that you get a case of the.....what do you want to call it......the runs? Whatever. But make sure there is a bathroom nearby if you take the ERY version. I'd rather have that tho than the side effect from the OTHER medicine they might have given me if I hadn't put down that I'm allergic to ampicillin. That's the one where I get a MAJOR rash on my arms, legs, and talk about itch. I think I covered that one in my post about the birth of my son.

I've been able to hold my son more today. Maybe not for long each time, but at least I could hold him some. I still get a little tired. I've been able to feed him today! *YES* And actually been able to get in the floor and go through some books with him. Another *YES!* I've missed doing that for several days. Another thing I was able to do was lose some weight! This is not the way I originally intended to lose weight. I had actually started walking and going to the gym at work. But now I'm a few pounds down without having to walk or get in the pollen. I'd love to just stay indoors until it comes a good downpour! Let it rain for days and days without stopping.

We had had another little accident in the floor today which included some Sunny D orange juice. He just loves to watch this liquidy substance and the gravity rule combine. Anyway, while I was cleaning it up, I really couldn't be upset with the little face that came up to me, put his hand on my back and looked at me with the sweetest little smile in the world. I put my forehead to his forehead and just had to love on him a minute. OJ in the carpet and all!

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