Friday, March 9, 2007

Hey, Mommy's Crawling Down the Hall!!

Well, my husband was going to have to be at work at his usual 4pm yesterday. So, this mommy left early to go spend some time with Joshua. My workday normally ends around 5:30pm so I left about 3pm. Anyway, it's amazing what you find yourself doing to entertain a child! But looking at the "up" side of it (although there was never a "down" side), I got some exercise doing this. Joshua headed to the hallway like always, and of course all the bedroom doors and the bathroom door are shut. He crawls down to the middle of the hall and before I know it, I find myself on all fours crawling down the hall too. I'm chasing him, then I turn around go back the other way and I look back and he's down at the very end of the hall just STARING at me with this funny grin! Kinda like he's saying, "hmm, mommy's weird!" I get to the end of the hall and then head back toward him and he starts crawling toward me. So we meet in the middle and he stands up and gives me his version of a hug! Finally, we get back in the living room and we have an educational session. I name off different objects in the room and he sits there and watches intently. It's so amazing to see the different expressions on his face. It's just as if he knows I'm trying to teach him something. He sits there like a well-behaved student! My little man....................

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