Monday, March 12, 2007

Achoo, wipe, cough........

Well, it happened. My sweet little one has SOMEthing. I don't know if it's allergies/pollen, or if it's a cold. Maybe just allergies. The pollen count is pretty high here in my neck of the woods. His little nose started running, he's sneezing out everything, and his cough doesn't sound great. But you know what, he's STILL smiling! He had a little problem in church yesterday and my husband had to take him out. He was dripping and he just wasn't a happy camper. I went to CVS yesterday to see what I could find him, and I DID find something, but then I read this morning somewhere to not buy over-the-counter stuff for babies sense it only temporarily relieves the problem instead of permanently relieves it. So for today, he'll still take 1/4 tsp of his medicine, but I"m calling the dr to see what they say. Joshua was playing in the floor when I left. I talked to my husband a few minutes ago and he said his coughing and sneezing/running nose seems to have slowed down a bit. I sure hope so!! He also told me that while Joshua was rolling around in his walker, he got a magazine off the table and leaned back as to just "chill" and was turning the pages and making sounds like he actually understood what he was looking at!! Cute, huh?!

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