Thursday, March 22, 2007

Woo hoo!! Pollen!

Yep, this stuff is REALLY thick! I've always sneezed at it. And I really don't even feel like typing or reading blogs today, but boy am I addicted. Right this minute, I'm achy and my brain don't even WANT to pull sentences together. I've been checking out BooMama's trip and HolyMama's texas tumbleweeds! I love that particular story about the tumbleweeds and wranglers! HA! I've got a little bit more time here at work and I think I'll check out a few more. I really need the laugh!!

Anyway, I was talking about pollen, I think. It's up my nose, down my throat, and would be making my eyes sore if I still wore contacts, but I gave them up about 7 yrs ago basically because of this sort of know, pollen! Stuff gets all in and under my contacts and I'm not good at putting drops in my eyes to clear it. If anything, it only made it worse!

I remember taking our annual trip to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. While we were in PF, I did pretty good, but as soon as I got to Gatlinburg, I. am. not. exaggerating: I was sneezing every three steps I took. And if you know anything about Gatlinburg, you know you don't drive to a place, find a parking space, and go into the shop, and then get in your car again to go to the next shop. You park ONE time and then walk EVERYwhere! So it was step, step, step, SNEEZE! Step, step step, SNEEZE. Try to find a clean tissue and blow. On and on and on. And when you're walking through that little town, you really only need one of those little purses you wrap around your waste. What are they.....the butt purse? I don't know the name, but you get my drift. Your arm will be hurting badly with a regular purse, and there is only so much room in a butt purse to keep tissues! I love the place, but I had to get out of there fast! I'm not sure what was in bloom, but there was no shopping enjoyment that particular day! It would've been great to have a drip bag like right attached to my nose, but I think I would eventually draw a crowd. Kinda like I did with my headgear when I used to wear braces a LONG time ago. I could stop a crying baby in a second. ugh. I've got to get a handle on this allergy, cold, whatever you want to call it. Because we are going back to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks or so. Will mostly have to have a few hundred tissues!

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