Sunday, April 1, 2007

My little little helper!

Saturday is the day that I get to spend with my little guy. As I've said before, I work outside the home from about 9:00 - 5:30 and my hubby keeps Joshua, then he also works part time. So Saturday, I get to hang out with him while my husband works. But of course there's that time in the day that I have to wash a load of clothes, put them in the dryer, and get hangers. Well, I have a great little helper. I thought it was soooo sweet the way he was toddling behind me everywhere I went. He went back to the nursery with me where I got the empty clothes hangers. He went back down the hall into the laundry room with me where he inspected everything for me. I would open the dryer to put the clothes in and he had a BALL closing it! There's just something about watching this little boy grow. It wasn't too long ago when he surprised me by standing in his crib. Then he started walking around inside his crib. Then he would hold on to the couch and walk. He was a bit nervous letting go. Then there was the day that his dad backed him up to the couch and I watched Joshua walk to him. NOW, he is all OVER that house! Walking, then he may get down on his knees for a few minutes.....especially when I'm going after him.....he just goes into lightning speed crawl! Then he'll get to a wall and stand up. I love watching him walk......his little arms out to the side or halfway up in the air keeping his balance! I can't dwell on the fact that my little boy is growing up because if I do, I'll cry. I just enjoy every minute I have with him.....I enjoy his new tricks.......I enjoy his smiles and his hugs. I enjoy his little pranks. He's my sweetheart......

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