Saturday, April 7, 2007


As I was rocking Joshua to sleep last night, we got down to the last few minutes, and it was interesting to see what Joshua was tinkering with. He never really used a pacifer. At one point when I WAS testing out different pacifers, I bought one that right now I can't even remember the name of it. But it's the light blue/clear one that is open on the outside of it where you can slide your finger in it. You see alot of babies on tv using that kind. Anyway, he never really took to any kind. Last night he was pointing to something on the dresser. I picked up the stuffed animals that I thought he was pointing at. Finally, I spotted the little light blue pacifer and handed it to him. He leaned back on my arms and tinkered with it. He fell asleep with his finger inside it. While I was holding him, I was listening to the CD that I keep playing in his room all the time. The song "Overwhelmed" by Darlene Zschech of Hillsong was playing:

I sing this praise for You alone
And once again I worship at Your throne
I lift You up, You cover me
Safe and strong, sheltered by Your sings
I gaze upon Your glory now

Redeeming love satisfies my soul
You summon angels all around
This joy of salvation I have found
I exalt You;
I will come with shouts of joy
Into Your presence
Faithful God, My heart is overwhelmed by You
In Spirit and in truth I stand
To worship You with all I am
I am Yours, Lord; I am Yours, Lord; Jesus, my heart is overwhelmed

I thought about how good God has been to me - how He died on the cross and rose again; how merciful and gracious He's been. He's brought me through so much; He brought me through my "dumb" years, and still blessed me with a Christian husband who is a great father to our little 14 mo old miracle! Yes, when I think about things, I get overwhelmed.


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