Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Like I mentioned in a previous post, Joshua has been doing GREAT with his eating. Since he's been eating table food, he's added squash and asparagus to the menu. He loves for one of us to hold him when we're all in the kitchen. That way, he can see what's going on. I hold him a safe distance from what I'm preparing. Last night, he watched me prepare squash in the skillet. I put a teeny bit of butter in the pan, then put in my cut up squash, and salted and peppered them a little. I let them get very tender. I had asparagus going in a pot. Just the canned asparagus. He knows it's time to eat!!

The funny thing is that he can actually tell us when he's ready to eat. He does the sign language we taught him for milk, and he says "EEEEEEAAT!

That's what he did today with my husband before lunch(I'm at work). Joshua had taken a nap. When he woke up, he got in the floor, then looked up at daddy, made the sign language for milk and said "EEEAAT!" Daddy fixed lunch, and everybody was happy!!

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