Thursday, May 24, 2007

Joshua's Dedication!

It's been 15 months, but we have finally settled into one church that we are comfortable in and we had Joshua's dedication this past Sunday, May 27!!

We got his hair cut at JC Penny. We didn't get the girl who normally does Joshua's hair. She was pretty nervous....I felt sorry for her because Joshua was HIGHLY upset and she was going as fast as she could trying to cut his hair which ended up calling for a "re-take" Saturday before the dedication. They had to straighten it a bit.

We found Joshua a cute little white suit size 18 mo. The top fit fine, but I had to safety pin the pants! Anyway, I took pictures before the ceremony thank goodness! We had alot of problems getting pictures, good pictures, during the ceremony. For some reason everyone who took pictures got the backs of everyone. We needed a couple of front shots.

We went home after service and changed clothes, and ate. Joshua is doing GREAT with food! We went through Wifesaver and got chicken, broccoli casserole, mac/cheese, etc. He loved the broccoli casserole and mac/cheese. Then we went to the best ice cream shop in town! In my opinion, anyway..... Flanigan's! It was so nice to sit outside in their chairs with the cool breeze coming in. So relaxing.... aahhhhhh!!! Did I say it was relaxing??? Oh yeeesss. I know it may not sound like much for some, but for this mom who works outside the home and don't get home until 6pm, and who is now expecting Joshua's little brother or sister and is going through all the typical pregnancy stuff, it was so wonderful!! Joshua seemed to really enjoy his time there too! He even took a couple licks of ice cream!

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