Friday, June 29, 2007

An Anniversary I'll NEVER Forget!

I'm sooo glad that my husband and I celebrated our anniversary the day before.

The day BEFORE our 8 yr anniversary, after my dr's appointment, we went to Red Lobster. You know those garlic cheese biscuits?! That's a meal all by itself! When you get to the bottom of the basket, there's no need for the entree. Because THERE'S NO ROOM! Well, in my case right now, yeah, I guess there was room. Our 2nd baby is on the way and it looks like he or she is just like our first. Eats all my food and 30 minutes later I'm starved again!


I got a salad, then broiled flounder with a baked potatoe. AND fudge overboard.

After that, we went into WalMart to look for ONE item that we REALLY need, but came out with all other items. That you know, you don't think about until you see it when you get in the store. And it's like, "oh yeah, I forgot....we need that!"

By the time we got home, our little guy was asleep because of "MawMaw." She had kept him while we were out.

But I haven't got to the part that I'll "NEVER Forget." And it's not a good thing.

The next day was actually our anniversary. June 28. Yesterday. I went to work and actually had a nice quiet day. Up until 5:45pm.

I lost part of my lunch. But that's not the bad part. I finally got out of the building and down to my car and put the key in and turned. Nothing.


Ok, let's try this again..... turned key. Nothing. Great.

Turned around and went back up the building that is actually going to be locking at 6pm and found the security guards. One went out to check my car. Went to get cables and found someone who could pull their truck up to help jump start my car.

Nothing. No charge. Zip. Nada. And it's 90 degrees out there!

I thanked them for their assistance and called my dad. Ok. We're at 6:15pm. And I'm supposed to be home now feeding Joshua.

Two other guys came out (from our company) and said they were headed where I needed to go. One of them could give me a ride. But before that, they also tried to jumpstart my car. Won't start.

I accepted the ride and I got to my parents house. It's about 7:00pm now. Joshua is supposed to be finished eating.

I'm sooooo tired and hot. So I sit down to the cool! Mom took me home and I get there around 7:30 or a little past.

I managed to get some mashed potatoes done and Joshua's green beans, cheese, and fruit strip ready for him to eat. He was so tired he could hardly eat. I washed him down (no bath tonight) and got him ready for bed. He's supposed to be in bed before or by 9pm. He wouldn't go to sleep. I think with him just eating, he must've had the stomach ache. We let him play a tiny bit in the living room with the lights down until he felt a little better.

By 10pm, he was asleep. I really never got supper except for some lemon pound cake that mom had.

I fell asleep on the couch. All night.

The anniversary I'll NEVER forget!!


Joanna said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm drooling just thinking about the cheddar biscuits.
So sorry about the car. Nothing makes me upset faster than car problems. Hope you guys are doing better today.

LeAnne said...

Hi Joanna, those cheddar biscuits are just dangerous!! Sooo good tho.

Things are better! My dad checked out my car and it ended up being a dead battery. Thankgoodness that's all. Cause I've sunk chunks of money in it since 2001. Time for a new car I think!