Monday, July 2, 2007

He Loved CrackerBarrel's Breakfast!

I have to say again it is so amazing to me how quickly my little man is growing. First, it was formula. Then it was applesauce and formula. You know, the Stage 1 fruits.

Now 16 mo later, it's "big people's food." As of right this minute, I'm talking about CrackerBarrels Sunrise Sampler! Well, maybe not the bacon or ham, but the hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with cheese, grits, biscuits and jelly!

We don't eat out alot, but we, along with my in-laws, went to CrackerBarrel June 30 to celebrate both anniversaries. My husband and I were still celebrating our 8 yrs as of June 28. My in-laws were celebrating 30 some odd years as of June 29.

Needless to say, our table was flat full! And Mr. Josh was able to celebrate like the rest of us. I know alot of parents would disagree with me totally on the way I feed him in public. But he's 16 mo old and I don't want to leave food all over the floor for the waitresses and busboys. Not to mention all the happy eaters around us. I've nearly lost my food (before I had Joshua) looking at the messy floors where food was dropped and smooshed and not picked up. He'll have plenty of practice at our house!

Anyway, he enjoyed as we all did that wonderful breakfast. And now.....get sweet father-in-law told me at the end of breakfast that there was a dessert menu over at the end of the table and for me to get what I wanted!

Oh how I DID.NOT.NEED that chocolate cobbler. But it HOLLERED my name out until I had to respond. And not by yelling "No" either. I ate up nearly all of that piping hot brownie with fudge and vanilla icecream all over it!

*Joshua was sitting with his "Gram and Pop" at this time and did not see Mommy eating it! HA*

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Joanna said...

You must stop talking about food! First Red Lobster now CrackerBarrel? It's too much for me!! :)
If Josh is happily eating who cares, because if he starts screaming then you get dirty looks.
Claim the baby asked for chocolate.