Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No Tuna Today!

Joshua is still eating his table food really well! The other day, I fixed some tuna salad. I spread some tuna on one piece of bread, cut into several slices, and he gobbled it up! Well, I had a little bit of tuna left over. So, you know what I did with the rest. The next day, my little man was being "sitted" by the grandparents. They put the remaining tuna salad on a piece of bread, sliced off the crust, and cut into several slices. They offered it to him, and the little stinker turned his head! He clamped his mouth shut, turned his head, and even slapped back at them! He wanted nothing.....absolutely NOTHING......to do with that tuna! I don't know if he just didn't want tuna a second day in a row, or if it's that he knows what the grandparents usually feed him and knows what I feed him.

He's been a little different this week so far. My husband is working all week this week helping set up a store in town. So therefore, the grandparents are keeping him in shifts! My mother keeps him in the mornings, while my in-laws keep him in the afternoon! Joshua IS teething. He's getting the BIG BOY teeth.....you know those big ol teeth on the sides? That's them! He has just not been his usual self. I guess between teething and having different people with him during the week is making him a little "curious" acting.

But as long as I get my hugs and kisses when I get home, I'm okeydokie! He's my little sweetie............

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