Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seems Like He Just Knew............

This past Sunday was Father's Day. We loaded up to go to church. Normally, Joshua falls asleep somewhere in the music service and sleeps a while. Not because it's boring....because no.its.not. We have praise and worship with the keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, etc. I don't know for sure, but I think it's because I lead praise and worship a couple of years ago while I was expecting him. Music at naptime (which was the case Sunday about 11am) soothes him to sleep. When he's wide awake, he'll stop to listen and bounce! Or if we have the kid's praise video going, he'll stop what he's doing to watch it......and bounce!

Anyway, I slid off my topic.

Normally during church, Joshua wants me to hold him. Well, this day, he never one time asked to come to me. It's as if he just knew that this day was a special day.....Father's Day.....so he stayed with his daddy the whole time while he was awake and asleep, except for about 5 minutes when my husband handed him to me.

Service was very good. Like the pastor was talking about, it's a good day to be in church....on Father's Day.....and spend more time with our Heavenly Father.

After service, we went to my in-laws for a Father's Day meal. They had chicken wings, fresh corn, crowder peas, tomatoes, onions, and a macaroni and cheese dish. Actually, I grew up saying a macaroni and cheese pie. But it's only in a deep dish. It's not a dessert. All was good except for an interruption that was not expected. But in about an hour, we went BACK to the kitchen to finish our meal.

Joshua was able to celebrate Father's Day "big people" style by eating what WE ate. He even ate a small amount of the banana cake (which is like a banana pudding, but in layer cake syle). It had the vanilla wafers, bananas, cool whip mixed with a little sugar. It just didn't have the pudding that normally goes in the banana pudding.

When we went to my parents house Saturday evening to celebrate an early Father's Day, he ate some of the roast beef and gravy with macaroni and cheese "pie" and lima beans.

He knew "something" was going on. Being at one grandparent's home and eating ONE day, then being at the other grandparent's home and eating ANOTHER day, that ONLY means something special! Thing is, I'm a little jealous.........last night was my husband's and my date night when we went to Carrabba's. My in-laws came to our house to watch Joshua and fed him leftovers from the Father's Day meal.....including the banana cake! He got BANANA cake.

Oh well. My John Cole dessert worked mighty.fine.indeed!!

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