Thursday, July 26, 2007

After supper the other night, I left the kitchen as it was and sat down on the living room floor to play with Joshua.

He's figured out about the toy box in the corner of the living room. It's one of those big wooden toy boxes. When he wants to look inside it, he puts his hand on the lid, looks at me and grunts!

Anyway, he pulled out a box that had the bucket inside. The bucket that has a lid, with square, round, triangle holes in it and he has to match up the shaped toy to the shaped hole!

Anyway, I showed him how the whole thing worked. He started putting the toys to the holes trying to match them up. For example, he took the round toy and put it to the triangle, square, and finally would get to the round hole and plop it in.

Well. He found out that if he couldn't get the toy in the hole, there was another way to get it in the box. He lifted that lid and plopped the toy in the basket! Then proceeded to put the lid back on and start again!

When I saw that, I bout fell over laughing! It didn't take him long to figure that out!

Also, we're still trying to ease him into a sippy cup or a regular cup. The last sippy cup left alot of air in him. What sippy cups work for ya'll? Or do most of your toddlers drink from glasses? What's the best way to teach him to drink from something other than a bottle? Any tips are appreciated!!!


Joanna said...

You got on the floor? Were you able to get back up?? :)
Use sippy cups!! My kids about drowned when they grabbed my cup. The cup success might depend on what bottle you were using. If he has to tip up the bottle to drink - he'll do fine with a normal sippy cup. The no spill cups are nice because kids are always dropping them.
If he's not use to tipping up the bottle to drink then the straw one might work. If it takes a hard suck to get anything out maybe the lid is on too tight?
Regardless of what we used they all sort of sputtered as they weren't use to it coming out so fast. The no spill cups seemed to be the best as the drink came out slower. Never used the ones with a straw so no help there. Live and learn. Hope that helps.

Rochelle said...

Hi! I linked over here from BooMama's blog and just wanted to comment... I didn't want to my daughter to get off the bottle until we went got back from a three week trip to the Philippines. I figured she would be a happier baby on the plane if she had her bottle. But then she got sick and weaned herself off completely. She did the same thing for her pacifier. So although I wanted to comment... I have no advise! LOL!! Sorry and good luck!

LeAnne said...


I almost couldn't get back up! It's a hard thing for me these days to get on my knees or on my behind in the floor. My left knee has a nerve pinched in it. I think it's from when I kneel down in the bathroom beside the tub giving Joshua a bath. I'm gonna get me a big, cushiony pad before it's done with!

LeAnne said...


She weaned herself off? That's pretty neat!

Normally, Joshua cues me in on the changes and we convert nicely, whether it be bassinett to crib, baby food to table food, etc., but the bottle to sippy is kind of a tough one for us! Maybe in a couple of months we'll get it down. He definitely needs to be converted over by Dec with the new baby coming!!