Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Little Guy Kept it Lively!!

We definitely didn't get bored this past weekend!

We were out and about this past weekend. Goin' here, goin' there! I was nervous because one of the churches down the street asked for my help with the music they were going to play and sing this past Sunday. It's been almost 18 months since I've played the piano, so I had butterflies.

Joshua, like always, fights his naps in the afternoon, but there is no problem at night. He even drank from a sippy cup Saturday which was quite a victory! But here's where the concern stepped in!

My husband put Joshua to bed, cause like I've mentioned before, it's hard for my pregnant stomach to put him in his crib. The crib doesn't have a slide down side to it.

About 1 1/2 hours later, he started crying. This time though, this was no ordinary cry. And he kept crying. We could NOT get him to stop! We noticed he put his hand on his stomach, so it crossed my mind maybe it was gas. We tried to rub his stomach, but it must've been painful because he slapped at us. Shoved our hands away from his stomach. I gave him some Mylicon. Didn't see any immediate results, so maybe it wasn't gas.

Anyway, since he wouldn't stop crying, we didn't want to take a chance and it be something serious, so we called my in-laws to start praying, we packed us all up, with Joshua still in his jammies and headed to the emergency room. I didn't know how long we'd be there. I knew we needed to take him to be sure, but I was nervous because of how long it'd take, then the possibility of him catching something while there. Anyway....

Note the words "HEADED to the emergency room." Doesn't mean we arrived. We got up the street and the little stinker fell asleep! Hey, I'm glad, SOOO glad, he went back to sleep because that meant "no pain." But just the fact that he cried so hard and wouldn't stop, then we get down the road and he falls asleep, it's just amazing! It was after midnight too. We rode around for quite a while just to see if he was going to stay asleep. If so, we'd go back home. If not, we'd go right on to the ER. Well, it turned out he stayed asleep. We went back home.

I pretty much banked on us being up for a while because the LAST time we were up past midnight, because of fireworks next door, Joshua didn't go back to sleep until around 4am.

So I programmed myself. But wouldn't ya know. My husband took him inside the house, and Joshua went back to sleep. My husband walked him down the hall and put him in his crib and Joshua slept the rest of the night! Wow.

But now, my husband and I are totally awake. The only thing we can think of that could possibly cause THAT much pain was air that he swallowed while trying out his new sippy cup.

You see, it used a straw that is so totally different from the nipples on his bottles, but he sucked fast just like he was drinking from his bottle.

Call me nuts, but I attempted to drink from it just to test it out. With that sippy cup, you have to suck slow and strong to get the drink out. Not fast. I'd swallow air too if I drank from it fast.

So, I'm still trying to work with him on drinking from something other than a bottle. I know it takes time and I don't rush him. I know he'll be drinking from a big boy cup or adult cup soon!

Sunday morning church service turned out fine as far as the music goes. We did the usual stuff in the afternoon.

Anyway, by mid afternoon, we were ALL sooooo sleepy! Joshua fought his nap so we took him in our room and we all lay down. Before I knew it, my little guy had fallen asleep. We all slept for a couple of hours.

BUT. He woke up with a red face and fever. hmm. We gave him some tylenol. After about 30 minutes, he'd cooled down.

We took him to the doctor Monday just to rule out Fifth's Disease. Cuz if he had it, then it could cause me a problem.

The Dr ruled it out and told us to continue what we've been doing.

So Joshua was up and running like his usual self this morning. He's such a hoot!

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