Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hide and Seek. Or was it?

The other day, I heard my husband asking about the remote control. I know sometimes I hide it just joking, but I knew I didn't hide it this time.

We're looking everywhere imaginable now because we know one other little person in the house who loves the remote control.

We looked under cushions, under chairs, in shoes, under our desk, any place that we felt our little man might have gone and lay it down.

Next I mention the kitchen. Cabinets. Cabinets, you say?

All of a sudden while I was in another room, I hear a triumphant sound. My husband spotted the remote control! In the pots and pans cabinet.

He proceeds to tell me that while he was pulling out the remote, Joshua looked up at him so innocently and said, "Mote?"

Well, the interesting turn on this story is this: about 30 minutes later, my husband is walking down the hall and gets back to the living room where I was on the couch. He said, "you know, I hate to say this, but Joshua might not have put the remote in the pots and pans cabinet."

He sits in the chair next to the couch where I'm sitting.

I just stare at him. He says, "Don't say a word. Just don't say anything!" While I just burst out laughing!

He says "I may have put it in there." He goes on to say that he WAS in the kitchen with the remote at one time. And he WAS in the pots and pans cabinet. So he may have accidentally put the remote in there.

Well, what does that say about us? hmmm. I think over time, we get confused. Very confused. We love our little rascal to pieces. But if you have kids, you know that eventually something like this happens when you chase them all over the house making sure things don't go down the commode, making sure there's nothing other than dishes in the dish washer, making sure that someone don't pull their clothes and diaper off. Making sure that breakfast, lunch, and supper is served. Along with making sure laundry is done.

So maybe it's not confused. Maybe it's pooped.


Joanna said...

We were visiting my in-laws one time and the boys put my husband's keys in the refrigerator! Makes you wonder what they were thinking.

Now, I walk into a room and forget why I came in there much to the entertainment of my children. They keep telling me I'm sooo funny especially when I asked if anyone saw where my brain was hiding. Whee.

LeAnne said...

HA!! Yep, I forget so much these days! It'd be about like me for ME to put keys in the refrigerator! But I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love it even in it's challenging moments.