Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Think I Slept.................

Did I sleep? A little I think.....

My little guy was falling asleep while he was eating supper last night, so I didn't push him to eat. I just topped it all off with some milk and he was out like a light. When his eyes start giving me clues that he's falling asleep, I don't give him anything else to eat because he doesn't chew his food up good.

But he wasn't ready for bed yet. He didn't have a bath or anything!

He slept for just a few minutes, then I managed to wake him up so I could give him a bath and brush his teeth. He was happy... Playing...... Still a little sleepy. We did the routine and he fell asleep.

But these days, it's hard for me to put Joshua in the crib because of a happily growing stomach. (The little one is due in Dec).

Anyway, my husband took a sleeping Joshua from me and put him in the crib. In about 10 seconds, the little rascal stood up crying, and held his arms out! My husband took over from there. So now we're looking at around 10:15pm when Joshua finally gave it all up and went on to sleep................until 4:30am.

At 4:30am, Joshua woke up screaming like he'd had the most horrible nightmare! So we went in there, my husband got him out of the crib. The little guy was soaked! Soaked and most likely a little cold, even tho he has long sleeves, long pants, and socks on.

Well, you know what happens here. He's soaked, I change his diaper and his clothes. By then, he's totally awake and playing! Joshua managed to get back to sleep after an hour or so.

This was the morning my husband and I needed to get to work a little early. But hey, this is the way it goes! We slept a little longer than normal, got up, got ready, and out the door we went when my mom got there to watch him for a little while.

Now I'm ready to take a nap and it's only 1:43pm. But I gotta go to the dr to make sure things are ok.

Then I gotta go to WalMart and get some toilet paper! Paper towels get a little rough!


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