Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy 18 Months Birthday, Little Man!!

I had planned to get into work earlier this morning so I could get on out-a-here earlier and go hang out with Joshua.

Well, I was about to head out when I heard a little grunt. I looked at the video monitor. Sure enough, Joshua was sitting up and starting to take his socks off. He has to eeeaazze into the day like that, you know.

I told my husband who was in the process of waking up that Joshua looked like he was getting ready to start his day.

So I quietly went into his room to say Good Morning and I sang Happy Birthday to him.

When I picked him up, he looked at me so sweet and put his head on my shoulder. So I just hung out in there for a few "mommy/Joshua" moments. He looked up at me and smiled. Then he put his head back on my shoulder.

Finally I hear my husband calling out from the other room wondering where we were cause it was so quiet. And he came in to see what was going on. I took him and put him on our bed and we BOTH sang Happy Birthday again!

I made it into work where I'm typing this now.

Dear sweet little man,
Mommy loves you so much. You've made your Daddy's and my life so happy.

You're only 18 months old. Seems like yesterday we brought you in from the hospital. Your daddy and I wanted you very much. And soon you're going to be a big brother. We've enjoyed watching you learn and we'll enjoy watching you continue. When you came home, all you could do was grunt. Now, you can run all over the house, call out for DaDa, Mama, and everything else, rearrange our cabinets, feed yourself, and use some sign language. You even know some of the animals, and are in the process of learning numbers!

You are learning something new everyday. AND so are we! AND we enjoy every minute of it.

We thank the Good Lord for you. He knew exactly what we needed when we needed it. We needed a little boy to fill our days with laughter and love. And we needed him to be born Feb 20, 2006!

We love you, little guy!

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