Monday, August 27, 2007

Yay for the Sippy Cup!!

I took Joshua for his checkup this past Wednesday, Aug. 22, and all looks great! He's still about 25 lbs which is good! He has a wonderful appetite and wonderful energy! So he eats, but then burns it off in a matter of a few minutes! It was the first time he'd been put on the "big boy" scales. Normally, it'd be the cradle looking scales, but he stood up on those big scales just like a big boy.

He hadn't been long awake, so he wasn't thrilled to be at the Dr's office. He wasn't thrilled when the lady picked him up. He wasn't thrilled when the Dr. poked at his stomach, and he wasn't thrilled with his shot! Thing is, I wouldn't be thrilled either. ugh. I never look forward to being poked and prodded and given shots at the dr's office. NOPE!

It was quite an interesting day for him. He went to bed on time, but apparently all the excitement of the day caused him to wake up around 4am - 5am. He did that for a couple of mornings.

I stayed home with my little man Friday, Aug. 24. I called in and let them know I'd see them Monday. Basically, phooey on 'em. They guys at work, that is...... It was so nice to be able to spend the day with him. Then I had Saturday and Sunday!!

Sunday, he did well in service mostly, then decided he was tired of being cooped up. So my hubby took him into the nursery. It wasn't 10 minutes and they brought him back out to us because he was HIGHLY upset. I hardly ever take him in there because around 11:00am-11:20 is his usual naptime and he normally falls asleep right in the middle of church. But this time, he was awake and wanted to walk and play. BUT not in the nursery.......

His crying like that just hurt my feelings. I felt so bad for him. I'd never seen him cry like that. Anyway, my husband took him outside and tried to calm him down, but he kept pointing inside the church saying MaMa (according to my hubby). So hubby sent someone inside to get me and I went on out. They had already started the alter call. It took a while to calm him down. I know he needs to get used to the kids in the nursery so we'll try that again later.

We did get him started on the sippy cup this weekend! He seemed to really like it. He still doesn't understand totally about tipping the cup, but he's getting there.

We also went out and bought a potty seat.....the kind that attaches to the regular commode. We have VERY small bathrooms so this seemed like the most convenient. Besides that, when he DOES happen to poop in the commode, it'll just flush on down.

This morning was another hard one for me as far as leaving Joshua. But I won't bore you with that story again. I've done it already a couple of times.

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