Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Don't Even Know How to Title this One!

The other evening I got home and got supper ready. It takes alot to get supper ready since I get home around 6pm.

Joshua is winding down or winding up or whatever you call it around that time. Ya'll know how it is.....I think I've heard some people call it "meltdown!" Ah.

Well, it's getting to be 6:30pm and we're all hungry. And tired.

I made Joshua a plate of mashed potatoes, carrots, and apples. We put him in his highchair and fed him a bite of the potatoes. He loves carrots and apples.

He ate probably 3 bites and then turned away. He pointed at something else. I thought...."Oh, he wants some carrots."


He wants some apples. Nope. And he starts to cry uncontrollably!

And he cries.......... Major tears and runny nose.


Ok. I thought about it and thought maybe he wanted his plate right in front of him. (I normally feed him and have the actual plate on the table because I don't want him to shove the whole plate on the floor accidentally. Clear as mud?)

Anyway. This seemed to satisfy him because the plate was in front and he took the fork away from me to try to feed himself.

Ah. I understand. Or do I?

I guess not. He started crying again so hard it broke my heart and I started crying with him.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to get something in him before we try to get ready for bed, I went over to the cabinet and found his box of veggie crackers. He immediately stopped crying.........

I opened it and he shoved his little hand in the bag and took one out and ate it. Then he looked at his daddy and me and clapped!!

So instead of him finishing up those crackers, I got out the box of Cheerios and poured some on a paper towel. I also cut up some of that Sharp Cheddar Cheese (in a block) into bitesize/finger sized pieces and put them on the papertowel.

We sat him back in his highchair where he continued to feed himself his Cheerios and cheese! It was a weird combination, but it was basically healthy. He fed himself a bite and clapped and said "AAAAY!" He continued to do that several times throughout his meal.

After he had enough, he said "Bilk!" Ok. He wanted his milk. And milk he got.

He was certainly a happy camper then.

My little guy is growing up and I know that he was tired. But he also is growing independent and was perfectly happy feeding himself!! Now, I'm having to search the WWW for easy healthy recipes. Finger food recipes...... so Joshua can feed himself and say "AAAAY!"

Any good easy healthy finger food/toddler food ideas out there??


Joanna said...

Oh, he's getting pretty big to want to feed himself! Makes ya want to cry doesn't it? There are times I want my kids to hurry up and get into the next stage and other times I don't want that stage to end. Sigh.

Joanna said...

Oh, I forgot - gerber has some easy to dissolve crackers and a whole line of finger food. We would just cut things up really small. I would make pudding to let them feed themselves with a spoon - they get mad when things fall off the spoon, btw. Pasta is nice and squishy and comes in different sizes. But it sounds like he's letting you know what he wants!