Monday, July 30, 2007

Potatoes and GOOD!

My husband just called me to tell me this cute story:

He, his dad and Joshua went into town this morning to pay the taxes on one of our vehicles. Well, on the way back, his dad wanted to stop at the local cafe and pick up some lunch and take back to our house.

Joshua ate some sweet potatoes and drank part of his juice. In the meantime, my husband and his dad are getting ready to eat their food. My husband had gotten the sausage dog and chips, etc. while his dad had gotten country fried steak with french fries and gravy. This local cafe is known for some good home cookin' now, folks! Made.from.scratch! So the french fries looked like they had just been cut off the potatoe and the gravy was freshly made. Not too thick and not too thin!

Joshua had finished his lunch, and they had gotten him out of the highchair to run around.

Joshua ran to where his "PaPa" was, ran back to the table and grabbed up his "poon" (spoon). He took it to his PaPa and held it up for him and announced "Poon!" He held up his arms for his PaPa to take him.

See now, Joshua had finished his lunch, BUT if someone else is still eating, he wants what THEY are having too!

Anyway, Joshua sat there looking at his PaPa's plate and looking up at PaPa.

PaPa couldn't stand it anymore! He took one of the fries and dunked it in the gravy. He held it with his fingers up to a point to control how much Joshua bit off at one time.

One taste of that potato and gravy and he looks up and says "mm.MMM...GOOD!!" After a few more potatoes and a few more "mm.mmm.good, good GOOD!", PaPa had to feel of Joshua's stomach to see how full he was. Because Joshua HAS NO STOPPING POINT.

Anyway, Joshua finished and is now happy as a clam! Running around with a silly grin on his face saying "fench fie, fench fie! Fie, fie!" His little tummy is full of fies and gravy!

Fench fies and gravy are not things that he usually eats, but every now and then, it don't hurt. He eats fish, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, broccoli/mac/cheese casserole and many other healthy type foods. We try hard to feed him healthy stuff!

But some "times" call for certain things: Fies and gravy!

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