Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bilk, Go, Down-Down, and Crackers!!

My little guy is really getting a vocabulary! He definitely KNOWS how to communicate! One way or another, he gets his point across.

This past week, we've realized that he can climb UP a couch now! He's mastered getting down, and is starting to master getting up on the couch, looking out the window, and saying "dog." There's another doggy in the neighborhood now.....a female.....and our 60lb female doesn't really care for her.

This doggy tho is still actually a puppy. So she's very playful which means when we are out in the front yard, she figures it out and runs over to jump on us....which is not a good thing for me. She does NOT need to jump on me. But what is NOT good for HER is when she decides she's going to catch that car that's flying down the road.

Looks like I've got off my subject.

Joshua is doing really well with his sippy cup! Tipping and all!! Most days, he's content to drink from his sippy cup. But this past Sunday, he was not.

Sunday, I went to another church to help them with their music portion of the services. My husband and Joshua didn't come with me that service because my hubby felt like he'd been hit by a truck (those trucks that doggy loves to try to catch). Anyway, he'd had a rough day at work the day before and wasn't feeling well.

Joshua did really well most of the day. When I went back to church that evening around 5pm for the evening practice, I noticed that my husband and Joshua came in. And just as quick as they came in, they left. Well, I thought that they just went back outside in the foyer or in the restroom. Service started, and no family. We went through the music, and no family. Where did they go????

After service (it was a short service because they were having pizza and ice cream afterwards), I called home to see if they were there. AND they WERE. Come to find out, as soon as they walked into the foyer at church, Joshua started crying. Cried in the sanctuary. He's NEVER done that. The only thing we can figure is that Joshua remembers last Sunday at our original church. He was put in the nursery with people he didn't know. We believe that he remembered and was scared. So they went back home.

Fortunately, we don't live but about 5-6 minutes from that church I was helping out with the music. My husband was a wreck when I finally got home. (Yes, I did have pizza and I DID have chocolate icecream at the church!!) Joshua wouldn't drink his milk that was in the sippy cup. So, I took that milk and poured it into a regular playtex bottle, got on the couch with my little man and held him close.

He drank his milk and went to sleep.....for the night! I diapered, dressed him, and brushed his teeth and he never knew it! He slept all night long.

Labor Day, he started pointed out "cackerrrrrs." He loves the Gerbers Veggie Crackers! We have to stay stocked with cackerrrrrs and ios (cheerios). When nothing else works, they do. Cackerrrrs and Ios!

He loves to go outside. He'll say "go" and hold up his arms. Then he'll point to the door. Then if he decides he wants down, he says "down-down." It's so amazing how much my little miracle fella has grown! He's my special angel.

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