Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sleep, Zoo, and Some other Stuff!!

with blogging that is........

Joshua has been keeping things hopping around the house! There were those recent nights where he did not want to go to bed. Oh man.

He fought sleep something fierce. Our normal routine had stopped. But I didn't know it at the time. Normally, either me or my husband would rock him and read a story until he fell asleep. But it looks like that has stopped. For now anyway.......until our next son who is due in December.

For several nights straight, Joshua would fight and manage to get down and run down the hall to his toys! There were 10:00pm nights. There were 11pm nights. Not good.

We had no idea how to work with this. But one night after his bath and teeth were brushed, we put him on our bed for us to all hang out. We noticed he'd play on our bed, then he'd lay down and start rolling. Then we'd see his eyes start to close. Then our little guy was asleep.

Now, don't worry. He doesn't sleep with us. My husband puts him in his crib and he sleeps all night! And he wakes up happy!

For several weeks now, I've wanted to take my little man to the zoo! But the conditions of the day had to be just right. First, my husband had to be off work. Next, the weather needed to be
clear and cooler. Not 100 degree heat! Next it had to be before the end of October. I'm not going to be traveling any distance or walking around a zoo in Nov and December when our son could arrive at any time!

So, at 7:30am yesterday, we realized that we'd arrived at that perfect day. I called into work and proceeded to get me and Joshua ready! Although my husband originally had other plans for his day off, he gladly took us to the Zoo! It only took and hour and Joshua slept for the entire hour. Then when he woke up, he was set to go! We were there 3 hours and Joshua slept going back home!

It was the perfect day to get out. He was excited to see all the animals that he'd seen on video. He named over the "af" (for giraffe), "tiyder" (for tiger), "gow" (for cow)!

After we got back home from our treck in the animal world, we ate supper and Joshua played for a little while longer. Then I gave him his bath and brushed his teeth.

Needless to say, the little rascal flipped on his stomach and started trying to go to sleep! I hadn't even got his diaper and pjs on. After I got him all ready, he flipped over, played with his little toy cow, and fell asleep with said cow in hand! My husband took him to his bed and Joshua slept all night long. What a busy day he had!

Playing on our bed right before bedtime seems to be working very well right now. I'm sure that before we know it, he'll be going straight to his bed. We just take it in short phases at a time. It works best for us.

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