Thursday, October 11, 2007


I was talking to my husband a few minutes ago over the phone and he told me something cute that our little Mr. Josh did earlier.

My husband was in the living room and noticed Joshua was in the dining room behind the table. When my husband called to him to come out from behind the table, Joshua wouldn't. He just stayed put.

Anyway, my husband called out again, but then let him be for a few minutes. Then in a couple of minutes Joshua started his special little whimper when something isn't just right. Apparently while he was over behind the table, he pulled a chair in his way. My husband says "What's the matter??"

Joshua says "Tuck!" He was stuck behind the table and chairs and couldn't get out! I didn't even know he KNEW the word "stuck"!

The old phrase that "children that age are like sponges," is very true! They pick up everything. When they hear it one time, that's it!

On another note, our little boy due in December is VERY active! He seems to be a bit more active than Joshua was at this stage. We tend to think he'll be an early baby. Originally due Dec. 20, I'm guessing he'll be here by the 10th or so. We've got everyone on guard here at work!!


kristjana said...

It's amazing what kids hear and soak in that you aren't aware of! Thanks for your transparent and thoughtful comment on my blog today. You seem like a remarkable woman and I know that You are going to be blessed for all the love and care you are giving your family! Know that your little guy is in good hands...

Joanna said...

How cute is that? Sniff! It goes too fast. Haven't 'seen' ya in the blog world and was thinking of ya.
Aww December Baby - just in time for Christmas.