Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time to Pray!!

Joshua is learning so quickly. I'm just flat floored! I'd love to know what else is going on in that little noggin of his!

I tell him it's time for his bath. He quickly turns toward the hall, heads to the bathroom, OPENS the door (we keep it closed mostly), and he leans toward the tub. He then puts his hands on the knob like he's seen us do. I get the water going pretty good and he puts his hands under it to "check" the water for temperature!

He knows what "we've got to go nite-nite" means. And he puts his head down and tries to go to sleep.

Last night, as we were in our room letting him wind down, we prayed. And of course, like we all do at some point, I peeked to look at Joshua. He was watching his daddy pray. He gets real still when we pray. He just knows. Ya know?

When we finished praying, I looked over at my little man, and as he sat there on the bed, he put his little hands together - clasped for prayer. I looked at my husband and he looked at me. Wow, I thought.... My husband tested Joshua out a minute to see if all this meant what we THOUGHT it meant. He asked Joshua "how do we pray?" Joshua folded his hands and smiled at us! Of course, we hugged him and praised his action. He just smiled........

With God's help, we're going to bring up this child (and our other son due soon) to know God and His love. And that he can always go to God for his needs whatever they might be.

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Joanna said...

Hey LeAnne - are you still out there?? Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving.