Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a while, but we are doing fine. Just a little update, as of November 8, I'm out on maternity leave for a while! November 8 around 3am, my contractions started. We went to the hospital (in-laws came to take care of Joshua), and the nurses there tried to get my contractions slowed down. Which is ALL they did.......slow them down.

They gave me 2 shots that didn't work. Then, they stuck an IV in me that was full of magnesium somethin' or 'nother. Oh that stuff is bad. It knocked my whole system for a loop! My eyes started crossing....literally......because this stuff messes with your muscles. So I couldn't focus well. They wouldn't let me eat or drink anything because they said it'd make me sick.

Well, it did anyway. That evening it caused me to puke! Nothing like puking, not being able to get up and go to the bathroom or not being able to eat, then finally when they "mag" me out, I come just "this close" to passing out totally. So they pulled the magnesium. FINALLY. But then later on, they put me back on at a lower dose.

They also gave me 2 shots of steroids to kinda jumpstart my little guy's lungs, just in case....

They figured out I'd dilated and that's why I was there for about 2 nights.

BUT NOW, today, Thanksgiving Day, marks my 36th week. SO, if my little guy wants to show up, we ain't gonna stop him!!

We still have quite a way to go with the nursery. We are getting a toddler bed within the next week for Joshua so we can go ahead and put it in his room with his crib where he can be getting used to it. By next March or April, our new son will take Joshua's crib.

Joshua is running around here these days surprising everyone with new tricks! It's amazing what his grow up. His little personality......he's cuddly some days, he's independent others. He's a little jokester some days; serious others. He's like a sponge MOST days wanting to learn; some days he just wants to play. Some days, he's a flirt with the ladies. Others, he might turn his head.

One day he dragged a baby wipes box into the kitchen where I was cooking, he sat down on it and said "boop." He DIDN'T poop, but he was associating! So I think he'll be easy to potty train. We're gonna get a potty seat soon.

Well, I'll update again later. My in-laws are coming up here today for Thanksgiving. Really we're not having a typical Thanksgiving meal. My husband suggested changing the menu. He'd rather have a big Christmas dinner than a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Stay safe!

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Joanna said...

Oh LeAnne!! I'll be praying for you! 36 weeks is good enough. Take it easy - one day at a time. Don't let the holidays but you under pressure.
You might want to hold off on the potty stuff and let everyone get use to each other first.
Hang in there!!