Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Little Christmas Miracle has Arrived!!

My dr had scheduled me for labor induction Dec 17/18. (I was on a waiting list). BUT Joshua's little brother, Justin, arrived Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 10:46 am. Wow is all I can say!

Monday, December 10, about 8:30pm after a day of working hard around the house preparing, I started having pains on my right side. My contractions were kicking in.

My husband called his parents who live not 10 minutes away to come and stay at the house and get Joshua to bed. I think it only took them TWO minutes! I wondered if I was having false labor, but didn't want to take the chance. So we drove to the hospital. We actually did stay calm. We got there around 9pm.

Unlike when I was going to the hospital to have Joshua, this time we had no one to meet us with a wheel chair. We went over to the famous elevator and went to the 3rd floor to the triage. There, she told me that it must be the full moon because everyone was going into labor! It was full in there!

And they put me in a room that was originally the storage room for wheelchairs! But hey, I won't complain. They hooked me up to check the contractions. They were from 3 - 5 minutes apart and when the doctor on call came in, he said I'd already dilated 3 cm. Whoa.

So gone was the idea of possibly going back home. The doctor said that we might as well stay because I'd probably end up coming back to the hospital at 3am.

They took me to my own room where they started an IV to make sure I didn't dehydrate. Then after about an hour, they gave me an epidural. Which HURT! It's all in the way these guys give it to you. With my first delivery, it didn't hurt. This one HURT. It started affecting my neck which made me nervous. I told the nurse what I was feeling and she just thought I worried too much. She said it was because I tensed up.

Anyway, not too long after, of course, I felt no pain. I slept well. Then about 5am, they started pitosin. However you spell that. It's the medicine to induce labor.

This delivery was quick once they induced. I dilated quickly and about 10:30am they had me start pushing on each contraction. I pushed about 7 sets of 3 pushes.....if that makes any sense. One push - then count to 10. Second push - then count to ten. Third push - count to ten. Then wait for another contraction and do the same.

At 10:46am, my little guy made his way into the world!! Justin's head "coned" unlike Joshua and they only had to do minor stitching. This time, I was able to hold my son pretty quickly after delivery.

My doctor who delivered Justin is very good. He monitored me VERY closely. He was going to make sure I didn't have any "malfunction" with this delivery.

They moved me to the post pardum area of the hospital. Everyone was so nice! I enjoyed my stay mostly. The pain medicine they put me helped me sleep VERY well. I'm sure all the nurses coming in during the night heard me sawing some major logs!

The doctor came in Wednesday to do the "little boy surgery." And my nutty pediatrician came in to see me. Actually, he's very nice. Just a little nutty! And you know it would have to be me that he caught with the heat lamp and a container of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that my husband had gone down to get for me!! While I was heating and healing, I was EATING! He said "now ain't this a set up: a heat lamp and ice cream!" Pretty funny!

This time in the hospital, we kept down visitors. With the previous delivery, everyone came in every possible time when I wasn't expecting it. My nerves were shot! You know how you are getting ready to try to nurse and someone walks in? Well, anyway, it was just family who came in and they called first! I needed time to rest, time to spend with my new son, and time with my husband. That's what I got!!

I'll try to write about my energy and my emotions regarding Joshua next time!

I'm so proud of my babies!


Joanna said...

Oh Congrats!! I had been wondering about you. Pitosin is evil - I heard one nurse call it pop cuz it pops you open. No kidding!
Enjoy your boys and I hope you have a Merry Christmas! :)

Nicki said...

Oh congratulations!! I hope everything is going well! Take care!

Kristjana said...

Congratulations!! I didn't have a chance to check your blog while I was away, and when I saw your comment on mine, I had to come over and read all about it! What a story. I am so happy for you and praying for you and your new addition.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Congrats...wish I had stumbled on to your blog are probably taking a looooong needed break now. I'm a first time mom, working outside the home and a Christian, etc. I hope all is going well with the new little one.