Monday, February 25, 2008

Barney vs. Barney

Inter'sting these Barneys are.

There's Barney Fife and then there is BARNEY. You know that purple dinosaur? Well, Joshua learned of Barney Fife before he learned about BARNEY. So now we have a bit of confusion going on.

We watch alot of Andy Griffith around here. But since Joshua received alot of Barney the dinosaur DVDs for this birthday, we've been watching THEM alot.

So tonight, we were watching Andy Griffith and there was the scene with Barney Fife in it. Joshua already doesn't feel well this week. So when I said, "Yeah, that's Barney," boy did he cry. He kept pointing and saying "Barn" "Barn." I'm saying, "Yes, Baby, that's Barney."

And he cried harder.

Finally, I say, "Oh, did you mean Barney the dinosaur?" He looks at me.

I went to the tv and picked up the DVD that I thought he might be "talking" about.

Sure enough, I changed the DVD to the nice purple dinosaur and he sat down on some pillows in the floor and that was that!

I'm hoping to get him interested in Bob the Builder VERY soon!

Right this very minute, they are singing with a Bassett Hound "Do your ears hang low, do you tie 'em in a knot, do you tie 'em in a bow."

Or something like that.

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