Friday, February 22, 2008

What a Great Week!

Despite the sniffles around the house, it's been a totally great week!

Joshua, who just turned 2 this week, has SOMEthing. I don't know if its just sniffles or a cold. He had a pretty high fever one day. 103 degrees. So maybe it IS a cold. Then he started the kind of sneezing that requires you to wear tissues on you all day long and have good legs to CATCH him! He may not feel well, but he can run when he doesn't want his nose wiped! agh. And of course, if I don't catch him, I'm gonna have "stuff" all over everything when he wipes his nose with the back of his hand. Let's hear another "agh" and add an "ugh."

He seems to be doing alot better after a couple of doses of regular tylenol and ALOT of 100% juice. Sugar is pretty aggravating because it's so high, but he needed the juice.

The part that makes it a totally great week is starting the mornings off in prayer then going "FlyLady!" Note an earlier post. I've gotten SO much done this week. I'm feeling lighter already. I feel like the house is lighter......on its way to being a home. This is for my husband and my babies. I want everything to be peaceful. Having a decluttered house is peaceful. *YES*

I went out to the car today to declutter it. It was a mess. It hasn't been on the road in months and my husband is ready to take it on the road to work since it's much better on gas. In there I found some notes I'd taken in our church service. A Word from God to me was this: Don't look with my eyes. Look and believe with my heart. It's going to look impossible with my eyes.

I'll have to get the note to write it down in its completeness. But it was neat finding that today! When I've looked with my eyes a few times, it definitely shows things won't work out for me to be home with my babies.. But I do believe God with my heart and know that He's on time. Even if He waits til the last minute to BE on time!

Saturday's almost here. But before it comes, we gotta fix supper! G'Nite.

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Nicki said...

Yes girl! NO CLUTTER is awesome!! I love it when my house AND car are this way, although with three little ones always toting around something.....that part gets kinda hard for me!! Hope you all feel better soon!