Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Dance!

I first noticed this cute dance last year, but I had no idea how much I would actually see it!

We would be watching the Baby Einstein "Baby MacDonald"video. There's a part in there where there is a tall apple tree and a horse or a cow comes up picking the apples off one by one. And this is also where Joshua made his way up closer to the tv and stood REAL still until the horse (or cow) gets almost to the last apple (the horse/cow thinks its the last one anyway), it sounds like an earthquake and all the other apples come tumbling down.

That's when the dance started. Woohoo!! While staying in place, Joshua would highstep and get all excited!!

Well, I've seen that dance more and more!! When he picks up a box of toys and turns it upside down, he'll dance. Something about seeing ALOT of stuff FALL everywhere.......hmmmm.

When he sees something exciting or just wants to show off, he'll dance. And not just "in place" anymore. It's all around the room! He goes round and round until he gets dizzy and just flops down on the floor!

He's a happy child! Especially when there's a mess in the floor! He loves to make a "Meeeeesssss" as he calls it.

He dumps everything in the floor, stands up tall, points and ......

Josh: says "Messsss" in a strong voice.

Me: That IS a mess. Who made that mess?

Josh: PaPa!

Me: Papa made that mess? PaPa's ALWAYS making a mess!

Happy Dance.....Happy Life!! Happy Boy!


Nicki said...

That is so cute!! I'm adding you to my favorites, is that ok? =)

LeAnne said...

That's perfectly fine! Josh just finished 2 happy dances while I was reading your comments!

I really enjoy your blog. I feel like I've known you a while or like we're sisters or something!