Saturday, February 2, 2008


I can tell that Joshua is really learning to put things together now at almost 2 yrs old. His birthday is Feb 20.

Instead of repeating just a few little words that I say, he's repeating almost every word! One word that caught me by surprise was Wa-Mop!

It's his version of WalMart!

I mentioned it a week or so ago and he's been saying it ever since.

The other evening, my husband, I and the babies were eating supper. My husband asked Joshua what we did that day:

Hubby to Josh: What did ya'll do today?

Josh: Go, Go.

Hubby: Where did you go?

Josh: Wa-Mop.

Hubby: What did you do at WalMart?

Josh: Mam

Well, I'm not exactly sure what "Mam" is, but I THINK it's a man or a woman. We stopped to talked to one of the employees. She's was talking about Joshua and relating to HER little man. Her son goes to karate class. She went on to say how it even helped his asthma and he's not on medication now! It's helped his attitude, etc.

My husband wants Joshua to start taking karate around 4yrs old. So when the lady was talking about that, I had a few questions.

Anyway, back to Wa-Mop. Yesterday morning, I told Joshua that in the afternoon, his "Gram" and "PaPa" were coming and that they were going to keep Justin while he and I were going to WalMart.

Well, by mid-afternoon, about, oh say, 3:30 or 4pm, Joshua was in the hallway, and made a grunt sound to "Gram." It was one of those grunts that almost sounds like he COULD start crying, but didn't. It was a sound saying he's almost disgusted.

Here goes the conversation:

Josh: "grunt" (to say "I'm disgusted)

Gram: What's wrong, Baby?

Josh: Wa-Mop.

Gram: What?

Me: WalMart. I told him we'd go to WalMart this afternoon.

So needless to say, I put myself in high gear, put his other clothes on (he WAS in play clothes), finished getting ready and went to Wa-Mop!

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Nicki said...

That is so CUTE!! WA-MOP!! I love it!!! =)