Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My 2 Boys! What "Little Men!"

I'll start with my biggest little man, Joshua. This guy has got to be 30-31 lbs. That's enough to tone this gal's arm! Anyway, he's so tall for almost 2 yrs. People tend to think he's about 3 or so. He makes me laugh everyday! Now, we have our moments.....oh boy. Alot of times when I say that we need to change his diaper, he'll go on to our room. He gets on the bed and as I start to unloose his diaper, if I blink my eye or turn to get something, he'll snatch that diaper out from under himself!! It's ONE thing if it's just a wet diaper, but something totally different if it's POOP! And not only that, if it's constipated poop! Oh man. We've gone a round on this one! I've learned to watch his little hands closely because he's sneaky! I hold on to the diaper a bit better now and we don't have as many messy moments!

And he still loves to go in our room, find the baby powder and start shaking it fiercely!! All over the place! I guess I shouldn't get so frustrated when he shakes it everywhere. It's only powder and it smells good and besides that, a few years down the road, I'm gonna wish I still had a little guy shaking powder everywhere. It's small stuff. I've got to remember that!

Although he's been talking a while, not in sentences, but communicating in 1-2 words, about 2 weeks ago, he's actually started saying "Mama" in front of what he wants. For example, he used to say "mama" just to say it. Now, he says "Mama, down-down." Or "Mama, bilk." Or "Mama, gone-gone!"

After his meals which still consist of the good stuff like fish, brocolli casserole, macaroni and cheese, tuna, etc, he'll hand me his plate and cup like he's saying all done!

He knows more sign language and boy does he have a great memory. Speaking of memory, he had told me in his special way that his milk was gone and said "Mo" and did his sign for more. I went and got his milk and set the cup on the table next to me. In just about 5 minutes, Josh says, "bilk." I'm like "oh yeah, I forgot!" And he's also started putting the two words "apple" and "juice" together. Apple.....juice.

A few more Josh-isms:
Golfa - Dolphin
et - hurt
break and broke - break and broke!
ae-pane - airplane
doo-doo - Scooby Doo
I think I've already mentioned "ron-ron" - macaroni
io - can be Cheerios or video
moke - smoke (chimney smoke)
mon - snowman
ee - teeth
ustn - Justin
bubba - brother
ba - bear, bug, bird
good - food's good!
ca - car
bi - bike
go-go - wants to go.....anywhere!
moom - moon, room
da-da-day! - Valentines Day!
nu-nu-nu-nu nose - tiny turned up nose (the song "Little Boy of Mine")
numa-numa-numinables - bananas

I know there are plenty more, but it being midnight, that's all I can think of right now!

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