Friday, February 15, 2008


That's the way Joshua says Valentines Day!

Tuesday afternoon, Valentine Eve, about 4pm, I decided to go get a few items for our refrigerator. So I went to Dollar General. A little crowded. The line was out to wazoo.

Well, I needed to get party supplies, so I went to our nearest Dollar Tree. I have NEVER...I mean NEVER.....seen Dollar Tree so out of control. It was because of Valentines Day! Yeah, balloons were EVERYwhere from one end of the store to the other. Well, that's fine, but most were deflated.

Well, the frog balloons were mainly the ones deflated and those were the ones I wanted for my little guy!

Well, I finally made it out of there. Those lines were ALSO out to wazoo!

Then I needed to go into WalMart. I thought for sure they'd have Bob the Builder party plates, napkins and cups. But they didn't. All this for Joshua's 2nd birthday party. And it was freezing outside! The wind felt like it was coming off a frozen ocean! But I HAD to look for those plates. What a mom does for her son.......

Anyway. There were none. So as I headed home, I went to the Party supply store. There I knew they'd have the Bob the Builder plates, napkins, etc. I was wrong.

I'm going home now.

I walked in the door of my cozy home around 7pm where I found my husband and father-in-law cooking supper. Joshua was in his highchair and saw the balloons! That's it.

He had to have the balloons. The little guy held those balloons all through supper. Would NOT let them go. If he wanted to eat something himself, he just shoved TWO balloons in one hand and ate with the other.

Then it happened. I saw him turn his head and he went to sleep with those balloons in his hands. I snapped pictures, but I"ll have to get permission from my DH to post them! It was just too cute! After about 30 minutes, I managed to pry the balloons out of his hands. My husband came in and moved him to the bed to change him in to his pjs. Then the crib.

Valentine's morning, I walked in and the first thing out of his mouth was bawooon! He even had to have them during breakfast.


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Jonny's Mommy said...

My little one loves bawoons too! He's always reaching for them when we go to the store -- even though he can't say bawoons just yet.