Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Well, it looks like my littlest guy, Justin, has rolled over!

The other evening, 3/18, I put him on the bed so I could change my clothes. I watched him roll from his back to his side. Then from his side to his stomach! I'm like "say what?!"

Anyway, he's the kind of baby who can't sleep on his back for long.....or maybe this is EVERY baby. I don't know. But it's taken me 3 months to figure this out.

I have a sleep positioner so he can lay on his side during the night. He's been doing great with it! Then all of a sudden last night, I went to lay him in his bassinett on his side, and he fussed and grunted, and slung himself EVERY which way trying to flip over on his stomach. I tried to just turn him on his other side. Didn't work. I"m thinking "Oh no." So........I ended up pulling the bassinett over to my side of the bed and putting him on his stomach.

Before you ding me, I've been putting him on his stomach in the daytime for several days now so I can watch him every 5 minutes! I'll do some work, then go check on him. He seems to be a great stomach sleeper. He keeps his head turned to the side.

So with him sleeping in his bassinett directly next to my side of the bed , I wake up with every move he makes and all I have to do is just sit up a little and look in.

I want to keep him in his own bed even if it's right next to me. His nursery still isn't finished. I'm trying so hard to concentrate on FlyLady's advice and not get frustrated. As soon as its finished, I"m hoping to get me a new home security system where I can have 2 cameras and a split screen monitor so I can see in both boys' bedrooms. I think it's cheaper than a regular baby monitor. I'll double check.

With Joshua being 25 months and getting ready to go in his big boy bed, I'll need to be able to watch what he's doing.....

And with Justin being 3 months old, I need to see how he's sleeping...not just hear him! Those monitors save me a few steps!

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