Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ready, Set, Ready!

We had been trying to potty train Joshua for a bit...that is, until he got sick right around his birthday. He was sick for about 3 weeks!

We'll get back into it later.

But until then, Joshua has started something new when he "poops"!

He'll say "iper" (for diaper) and crawl up on the couch, lay down with his head on our little red squooshy pillow and say "READY!" Then he'll of course use the word "poop" in there somewhere, even if his diaper is just wet.

He knows something has changed about his diaper and lets us know!

Another thing we are getting ready for is his change to his big boy bed. It's set up in his room with his crib still there.

My original plan was to have that bed set up 3 MONTHS ago but it didn't happen. He was SUPPOSED to be getting used to the idea and even lay on it in the afternoon some.

Now Joshua's crib is going to be moved either the later part of this week or early next week into Justin's room. Justin's room is still going to be re-floored and painted. Then, the crib goes in, because I tell you what......he can NOT stay in the bassinet too much longer. He's shaking that thing like no body's business when he starts waking up.

So the crib will be moved, Joshua will be in his big boy bed, Justin will have room to move.

And speaking of Justin! He has been smiling since probably his second month home. He is VERY quick to smile and laugh! He had showed me his routine which getting up early about 6am, eating, hanging out with me in the kitchen while I eat, then when his eyelids turn a bit pink, he's just about ready to take a nap! When I pick him up, give him about 5 minutes and he's out. I put him in his bassinet where he sleeps for a couple of hours. Then Joshua gets up.

If Joshua hears Justin crying when he first gets up, we can count on Joshua being cranky for a few hours. But if Justin is napping when Joshua gets up, it'll be a pretty good day!

My 2 boys are getting along very well now! The only thing that frustrates me is when I go to put Justin down for his nap in our room (until his room is totally remodelled), and Joshua decides to go gung-ho running in there and talking LOUD! It would be a different story if we had a big one story house or a 2 story, but we dont. It's small, and the word Quiet is not in Joshua's vocabulary.

Right now, my 3 men are taking naps. (My hubby is home today). And I'd LOVE to have one myself, but I can bank on this: if I go lay down, one will wake up.

But I wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world!! Kinda like Kristjana in Mommyblog. I can reminisce about the way life used to be: how free we were to just pick up and go or sleep in some days, but this is a great life and I wouldn't change it if I could.

Thank You, Lord for my family!!

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Nicki said...

I hope your potty training is going better than ours!! It's MUCH harder with the third for some reason!! =) I don't know why but it is!!

Hope you are having a good week!