Saturday, April 19, 2008


Of course, I mean cry. Joshua has learned that Justin cries. When Justin cries, he's letting us know he's hungry. Or just plain out don't like the way he's sitting, laying, etc. Or he's tired. Or in pain.

Since he realizes that Justin gets attention that way, sometimes he tries it. Like Justin. But I let him know that crying like that isn't necessary at his big boy age. Since he can talk, all he has to do is tell me. Sometimes, he'll start crying and when I ask him what is wrong or what he needs, he still just cries. I tell him to tell me what he wants or tell me what is wrong. But he just cries. I know he can tell me, but sometimes he just won't. He just cries.

I was thinking about that and realized we do that as adults... as Christian adults... sometimes. We "cry" about this or that. We "cry" that something didn't go our way. We "cry" that things are just so bad. We "cry" because we need this or that. We do that and never talk to the Good Lord about it. But I would guess that God just says, "Hey, there's no need to "cry" about it. Why don't you just "tell" me what you want....what you need.....and have faith that I'll take care of you and meet your needs one way or the other. Like the song "Take it to the Lord in Prayer!"

I realize that God already knows what is wrong because He's an All Knowing God. But He wants us to tell pray to Him and trust Him that our needs are met.

I also know that some crying is therapy. But we don't need to cry all the time. Just tell God the problem or ask Him for help. Don't just sit there and cry about it. He delights Himself in what we call impossible.

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