Monday, May 12, 2008

Feels Like 1 Step Forward, 2 Backward

Is this what we call a Monday or WHAT?

I've been praying for God to fix me.....fix my heart, fix my attitude, fix my mind. Make it what He wants it to be. So maybe it's not 2 steps back. But for a moment it felt like it.

On my list for today were these things: Dump the trash, go to ATM to pull out our tithes, go to Lowes to pay off our credit card which only held Justin's new floor. We knew that as soon as we got our rebate check, we'd pay it off. Then I was going to JC Penny's to exchange a blouse that was a size too large, then I was going to work on a project.

I was looking forward to getting out with my 2 little men accomplishing my To Do List.

Well, it looks like I only accomplished getting my trash dumped and the ATM trip.

I went to Lowes to pay off the card and they said I had no account. They couldn't pull up the information from the BILL I was showing them. Come to find out, they couldn't pull up Platinum cards and I couldn't pay it there at Lowes. So there. All this after a dude cut in front of me. hmfp

I went to JC Penny's and I showed the girl my receipt when I first walked in. She told me to go ahead and find the shirt I wanted. When I found the shirt, went to the counter, my receipt had DISAPPEARED! The 2 girls KNEW I had it because I'd spoken to one of them over the phone and the other saw it. Then they were going to scan the barcode off the tag of the blouse I was returning. They didnt find one because when I was trying on the shirt, I yanked the tag off. Yeah boy. I'm just comin' right along. But I know exactly where it is and will try again later.

Then me and the boys had time for a stop at the park. I'd got Josh some milk and I got me a small pack of fries and Dr. Pepper. What happened next was truly the least of my worries. He briefly forgot that he had his milk in his hand and tossed his arm sideways, so you know what happened. The milk went flying. But that's ok. I cleaned what I could.

Then we had our project to do. The boys were great. Justin decided he wanted to fuss just a little, but I got him out and held on to Joshua. In the meantime, I saw the sweetest sight! Joshua was talking to Justin and playing around and Justin laughed and laughed. AND laughed!! We're talking out loud and a belly laugh at that! He'd already started laughing a long time ago, but Josh has a way of REALLY making him laugh. I just stopped and laughed at all of it! After we finished, we walked to the car and as I got in, I realized THAT receipt had disappeared too. I REALLY needed that one.

Along our route this day, I had several good things happened even though I had 3 irritating things happen. The good things: you can't put a price on.

If I hadn''t prayed this particular morning, I don't know what would've happened. But with His help, we got through and I felt pretty good. He helped my heart and my attitude.

I've also come across Dani Johnson. I'm listening to her CDs. Check out Dani It's a real eye opener!!

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Nicki said...

Oh girl.....I find EVERY time I try to walk in obedience, something comes along that will make me want to throw it all away! Stay strong!