Thursday, May 8, 2008

His Bright Smile

Justin's, that is.

He'll be 5 months old May 11. He has the brightest, most contagious smile!! I look at him and smile, and he smiles!

I can look over at him in his bouncy seat just kicking those legs, making that seat bounce so high that I think it's going to just bouncy straight up into the air! Not a care in the world, except for food.

He has some wonderfully blue eyes that has a brightness about them that makes me believe that they won't change. Joshua's eyes were deep blue and changed pretty quick. Justin's eyes were blue, but has that "sparkly" blue.

The way he looks at Joshua is a look of admiration. He appears to just "LOVE" Joshua. He watches everything he does in amazement.

Sometimes I catch Joshua watching Justin and a smiles creeps up on his face. He gets tickled at the way Justin does.

Now....sometimes, Joshua decides to copy Justin. hmmm. I tell Joshua that he doesn't need to do that because he is a big boy and can talk and Justin is trying to learn. Joshua doesn't need to make grunting noises like Justin or smack his food like Justin. I was trying to feed Justin applesause the other day and Joshua was watching how he smacked around. Of course, he had to do that too. BUT I try to explain it to him in his toddler language that he doesn't need to do that.

Joshua can be such a big boy. The other day we were at WalMart and Justin was starting to whimper around. Basically because it was running into his lunch time. Justin was in his infant carrier in the main part of the cart. Joshua was up in the front near me.

Well, Joshua heard Justin and turned around and started twirling the toys that are on the handle of his carrier. Then he pressed the button on it that plays the song "Pop goes the Weasel." That's what we do to distract Justin until we can get his bottle made while we're out and about.

Joshua is really putting his sentences together now! It's so amazing to hear him.

One of my issues with relatives who hang around him is this: While Joshua is learning to talk, of course, he doesn't pronounce everything just right. It comes out "bilk" instead of "milk". Or "Nam" instead of "Gram". "Beep" instead of "sheep." Well, while this is cute, the relatives like to use those same cute words to talk back to him. Joshua teaches them instead of them teaching him. I've tried to get them to say the words right. Not that I'm great at English, but I do try to say the words right to him all the time so he'll get the hang of it.

Anyway, now that I'm pretty much the one who takes care of him now (I'm finally getting to stay home with my babies), and I don't need alot of help taking care of them, I say the words like they need to be said, and he has learned how to say "milk", "Gram" , "oatmeal" instead of the cute little mis-pronunciations.

He is really coming along. So is Justin. Such sweet little men!!

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