Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Not Exempt. Why did I think I WOULD be?

A toddler going through Terrible 2s? I always thought I'd have a child that would just plain out bypass that. Why?! I don't know.

I never believed my child would be like that. People talked about it and I'm like "Ok."

This past week, BOY did it hit!! Slinging himself in the floor when he didn't get his way. Oh and by the way, I'm typing this as he's tantruming. Is that a word? I'll make it one.

And do you know why he's having a fit right now? Me neither. He'd been napping and I was in the kitchen when I heard his crying. I thought he'd fallen off the couch. Nope.

I went over to try to soothe him. I put my arms around him and asked what's wrong and all I got was him hitting me on the leg. I had to laugh quietly because I'm thinking of my little boy growing up and being big enough to sock me on the leg. But it's not good. We got to "Nip it in the Bud."

I got up and went back to the kitchen. He cried. AND cried. Was it a nightmare? I honestly don't think so because of his actions while he's crying. Banging on the couch. Flipping around and pouncing back down on the couch.

Is it the video I have in? He keeps looking at it, but he's not SAYING a word. Just crying!

Oh my...Is that silence I hear?


I was trying another tactic of dealing with it. Because normally he gets a lecture, plus some, from me, but I'm trying to ignore it. But I honestly don't think it's the best way.

I've been ignored a few times in my life when I was having problems and it only made me bitter. BUT when I start talking to him trying to get him to communicate in other ways than crying, his crying only gets louder.

He started another temper tantrum earlier today when PaPa was here.

It's gonna take alot....and I mean ALOT..... of prayer to get us through these "2s".

Was he even AWAKE? Cause he's asleep again as I'm typing. Can a child have tantrums in his sleep? Or mostly likely he was totally awake and tired himself out.


He went to sleep with me holding him the first time. It was a sweet moment. Then THAT happened?

If anyone who reads this has suggestions, I'm all ears!

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Nicki said...

Oh girl.....welcome to the real world of being a momma!!=) I have dealt with this for SEVEN years now between the three of them!! I have to say, ignore, ignore, ignore! I simply put Kennedy into her room and shut the door and tell her when she's done....I'll come back. She cries FOREVER but eventually stops and we go on about our day! But it can happen ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!! =)