Thursday, June 5, 2008

So Good To Be Home!

I've been home with my sons now for about 5 months. My job has granted me 6 months of leave without pay which means I'm so VERY tied to my company, but can stay home with my babies and not get into trouble. I just don't get paid.

Not with the "green" stuff anyway......

BUT I get paid with a toothless big smile from Justin and hugs and kisses from Joshua. I love seeing all his "happy dances."

And when he holds up his arms and says "dan", I just grab him up and we take a spin dancing through the living room!

I can't really dance, but I do a little jig that feels like a dance and besides that, I get my exercise!

I love our morning routine of eating breakfast at our back doors that have full length windows. We watch the birds, squirrels and lizzards! We watch those squirrels get up on our bird feeder!

It feels good to know that on my husband's day off from work, we can pack up and head to the zoo!

I didn't know this until I got some mail a couple months ago that we could become a member of the zoo for a small fee and now all we have to do is show them our pass and we go right on in. Unlimited visits for a year for about $59.00! That's 2 visits. We get about 6 passes for guests
and we get to see the Christmas lights at that zoo one time during Christmas.

But I've slid off my topic. I didn't come on here to write about the zoo. I wanted to write about being able to watch my babies grow and learn.

It IS pretty tough financially right now, but we are making it. I think it's worth it to be able to be with them.

Every now and then for about 2 seconds, I go back to my spoiled ways. I'd love to have this or that. But then I think about the 2 little boys that God gave me. My 2 little miracles. I don't need my satellite or 2 cell phones. Don't need jewelry or brand new clothes. We find those ways to cut back and still have what we need.

As far as when my 6 months of leave without pay are up, honestly, I don't plan to go back. I believe that God provides. He has taken such good care of us in the past, and I don't think that He'll stop now......................

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Nicki said...

Oh sweet friend, I feel you on this. It's so hard.....our society tells us we have to have it all, both ways. Money is SOOO tight for us too. But I know that this is right where God wants me. No matter how tempting it is and how hard it is, I know that these days are few and I will have a whole lifetime for a career or ministry or whatever God leads me to. Keep trusting Him! He will bless your obedience!!