Thursday, May 8, 2008

Something I found out recently.......

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were sitting in the living room while I was holding Justin, our 4 month old son.

He started out saying that he hoped the timing was right to tell me this. He thought he could tell me.

Before you think the worst, I'll tell you that it's not. It's actually an incredible vision!

Several years ago when I miscarried (I think it was the second because there actually was a baby unlike the first miscarriage that was just a sac), we were really hurting. Miscarriages are such a roller coaster ride of emotions. You cry uncontrollably, then the next day you are ok. But then, all of a sudden you're not.

Anyway, I dealt with the miscarriages the only way I knew how. I cried for a long time. I also knew deep down that my baby was in heaven waiting on me.

But this one particular miscarriage my husband had a harder time in a sense dealing with.
He hurt OH.SO.BAD. He cried. He told me that there were times at work that he just had to stop his work because he was so upset.

He told me that one night when he'd gone to church, he went up for prayer. After he'd prayed for a while, all of a sudden he looked up and there he was standing in Heaven. Not as in he died and went to heaven because it wasn't his time. He doesn't even know how long this vision was. A second or a minute. But there stood a man with the most piercing but loving eyes. It was Jesus and He was holding a little baby. Our little baby. Jesus held the baby where my husband could see him and the baby smiled. After that vision, my husband was ok.

I tried so hard to hold back the tears when he told me. But I couldn't. Just like I can't hold them back now. It's been a few years, but still the feelings for this child are with me.

I know my baby is safe with Jesus and making Him and the angels smile.

I can't wait to meet him!! And the One holding him.

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