Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spaghetti and Toddlers! Oh NO!

My little men and I went to WalMart the other day to get a load of groceries. One of my meals on the menu this week was going to be spaghetti.

Note the word "was."

Anyway, when we got home from WalMart, I put away most all my groceries. All but one bag that held a small box of spaghetti noodles that I was going to have to boil.

The next day, I got that box along with the can of spaghetti sauce and set it on the table.

I went back to the bedroom where my husband was getting changed after a hard day at work. We were talking when I heard a pretty oddball noise. I told my husband to hold that thought while I go check out the noise.

When I got to the end of our hallway and looked in the living room, I just turned and put my head on the wall. And stayed that way until my husband came to check it out too.

All over the floor was my ALL of my spaghetti noodles!! It looked like someone was going to be playing "pick-up sticks!"

My husband started picking them up, but with a hint of a smile. It actually did get funny. Especially when my 2 yr old toddler looked in his daddy's hands where all the sticks were and said "bwoom!"

I said "Well, actually it does look like a broom, but it WAS supposed to be our meal one night."
The way my husband was holding all that pasta in his hand looked like the sweeping end of a broom!

We proceeded to get up ALL the pasta and put it in the trash. I'm so glad it didn't cost much. And I'll try to remember next time I get pasta, to put it out of little fingers reach!!

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